• Stacy Sims

True Body Theatre: #metoo

About True Body Theater

True Body Theater brings to life the stories and experiences of community members from different genders, ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, etc.  With the guidance of writers, directors, choreographers, and True Body’s integrated methodology, our theatrical pieces are always grassroots, site-specific, and organic.  

About #metoo

In Spring, 2019, we will gather in small groups to deepen our collective understanding of #metoo.

What does it mean when a personal trauma becomes a hashtag? Does the collective, short-hand expression empower or minimize? Is it equitable to all genders? This process will lead to a public expression in which we work to synthesize and share stories of grief, hope and reconciliation.

We hope these prompts will allow you to tell parts of your story. If something doesn’t appeal to you or the prompt brings up something else you wish to share, write that.

Not everyone that participates will have a story of sexual assault. Yet we have all been a part of a culture of violence and witness to this #metoo movement. You might have observed a friend suffer, you have likely read or seen many media stories. Perhaps this made you rethink your own point of view. We all have something to say. We all have something to learn. Just weigh in as truthfully as you can.

We use a restorative process to gather stories.

Listening Session

Join a listening session. We have one scheduled for March 24th from 3-5 pm in the Greater Cincinnati area. Email us if you wish to join this one or a later one.

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