Embody empathy, find your breath, connect. 

True Body Project holds several trainings each year to empower others to lead True Body classes and workshops and/or support their embodied leadership journey. The curriculum is heavily weighted in somatic experiencing, empathy, mindfulness, attunement and space holding, with writing, art-making, play and other techniques shared as part of the curriculum.


Our most current format is a week-long training with emphasis on cross-cultural sensitivity to trauma and resilience.  

2019/20 Cross-Cultural Trainings

Application/Deposit/Scholarship Information


What Language Does the Body Speak?

Cincinnati, Ohio

With Wave Pool

July 19-21 (intensive) with July 22-26 (fieldwork)

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

With NataRaj Yoga

January 24-31, 2020

Includes time in conversation with & appreciation of

Justice and Soul Foundation, Penh Lenh, Monk Blessing, Choeung Ek and more.

Whether for our domestic or international training, the core fee is $400 for 3-day intensive training plus 5 additional days of classes, conversations, field trips, workbooks and support. 

After the training, you have access to all of True Body's workbooks and support materials. 

We work with you to craft your travel/accommodations inexpensively ... approximately $2000-$2500 for international trips including training, air, accommodations and excursions.

Space is limited so all trainings require a $150 deposit.

Some full and partial scholarships available for the training fee. Please email us for specific itineraries, registration information and/or scholarship applications for each training.


True Body Classes for Youth Development

Contact us and let us know how we can help your school, camp or social service organization help you bring our award-winning program to youth.

Covedale Elementary is so mindful about music! #mindfulmusicmoments #cincinnatiopera


Bring the body into the conversation. Let us inform, inspire and connect the dots.

In the last year alone, we have spoken to thousands of youth in schools, social service organizations, and camps on mind-body connectedness. Whether for adults or youth, women or men, the True Body Project can craft an assembly, opening mindful address or keynote for your group.


Trauma, Resilience, Mind and Body

From one hour to full-day workshops, let us create an experiential session on how the body and mind respond to stress and trauma and easy, embodied tools for resilience.

We integrate creative arts and trauma-informed somatic practices into our workshops for:​

  • Educators​

  • Mental Health and Social Service Providers

  • Leadership Circles

  • Creative Arts Organization

  • Social Service 


Let us connect your stories.

True Body Theater brings to life the stories and experiences of all community members from different genders, ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, etc.  With the guidance of theater experts, choreographers, and True Body’s integrated methodology, our theatrical pieces are always grassroots, site-specific, and organic.  Our fundamental process makes it easy for community organizers with little theater experience to create rich, powerful works that capture the true voices of their contributors.

Community Engaged Theater 4-step Process:

  1. Focus: Collaborating with local partners, the team converges on a project, theme or issue they would like to address.

  2. Outreach: True Body team goes out into the community to conduct writing and movement workshops, art projects, and surveys related to the theme.  They also cast community members, with or without theater experience, to participate in the final work.

  3. Compilation: Working collaboratively, the team strings together the stories gathered from the community to create the theatrical work.  The team receives coaching from True Body Project and affiliated experts on the script, choreography, and acting.

  4. Expression:  The completed piece is performed to the public, who witness the theatrical expression of the collective voices of the community.