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Stacy is a mind-body educator, author and founder of the True Body Project, City Silence and Mindful Music Moments. She founded the True Body Project in 2005 and leads trainings and supports others in the work of personal development with the goal of being of service to others. She says "I am at my best when I am listening to others." 

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Hadley is a certified yoga and Pilates teacher, mindfulness teacher, and women’s wellness coach. She is known for her honest, fun and loving approach in her instruction, and loves working with young girls in True Body Projects after-school programming and workshops. Her passion is helping people from all walks of life identify and connect to their true selves, honor their bodies, and nourish their minds and spirits.

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Suzie Nagy is a deeply trained mind-body educator across many disciplines and a joyous teacher of children of all ages. She understands chronic illness and integrates her well-informed sensitivity to physical, emotional and mental pain into every encounter with others. Suzie leads all forms of True Body classes and is at her extra best with children.



Sonya Verma is a yoga instructor, meditation coach, and Reiki Master and works with all ages. Prior to her journey as a yoga instructor, she earned her B.S. in Human Nutrition and Masters in Healthcare Administration and Business Informatics. During her time in school and working in the healthcare industry, yoga and meditation became a cornerstone of her life and helped her stay healthy in mind, body, and spirit. She felt drawn to different modalities of healing and went deeper into her practice which inspired her to share her passion with others. 

She shares True Body-inspired content in her teaching and in schools and camps for True Body Project youth.


Lindsey Armor is the founder of Nourish Cincinnati, which offers Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching, private yoga, and meditation. She earned a BFA in Dance from NKU and was the co-founder of the movement based collective, Pones Inc. After a decade of teaching dance and producing original works, Lindsey retired from dancing in 2012. Yoga, self-care, and cooking quickly became her new creative outlet and passion. Earning her 200 hour yoga teacher training with Vitality, her practice is rooted in Ashtanga, accessibility, and mindfulness. She believes that yoga is for all bodies, and focuses on making all shapes, sizes, ages, levels, and abilities feel welcome in her classes. Lindsey is also a True Body Project instructor, empowering girls to identify and connect to their true bodies. She lives in Cincinnati with her husband and daughter where they hope to build the tiny house of their dreams soon.

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Many of our Leadership Training attendees have incorporated True Body into their life and work. Here are some of our True Body Training alums!